Monday Musings, Week 49, 2021

Hello everyone! It’s finally December and that means that it’s high time to do some reflection on this year for me. This week (and probably next week too) I will focus on everything that I’ve done this year and whether or not I’ve met the goals I set for myself this year. Every year I like to set ten personal development goals for myself, which include a lot of writing and blogging among other things. Later this week I’ll share some of my goals and insights with you.

Then, in the last half of this month, I’m going to look forward to 2022 and what goals I’ll be setting for myself next year. I already know one of them is to write one new novel and Bren and I are going to change our blog The Book Dragon’s Nook , at least content wise, because we want to write about other things than book reviews and blog tours.

Monday Musings (49)

This year didn’t exactly go as planned, not in a bad way, but I hadn’t expected us to move in July of this year. This did affect my goals, but also made me realise just how relative some things can be. Looking back at how I was pushing myself maybe a little bit too far, I’m sure I’ll set my new goals for next year to be a little bit less ambitious (but still ambitious enough 😉 )

More ideas for videogame related blogs

I’ve been getting positive feedback on some of the videogame related blogs, especially my first deepdive into the world of videogame music. Last weekend I told Bren I’m even considering doing a whole lot more with this, maybe even write a book about the history and evolution of videogame music. But this will take a lot of research, so for now I’ll just focus on writing about several soundtracks, before diving even deeper into that rabbit hole 😉


I’m also going to write a blog about the games I’ve played last month, which I did before. If there’s anything I have learned about blogging it’s that you should write about what really interests you and that you shouldn’t write for success or anything. Just write about the stuff you love and if only one other person besides yourself likes the content you’re putting out, well that’s what you’re doing it for, really. At least that’s what I’ve been doing!

More ideas for personal development blogs

As I said, I’ll be doing a whole lot of reflection and planning this month. I really would love to write down my thought process on all of that, because writing also helps you make sense of stuff. So you can expect more blogs on the subject of reflection, setting achievable goals and how to make a year plan for yourself. I love writing about this sort of stuff and if it helps others, then that’s even more wonderful!


More ideas for fiction writing blogs

I’m playing with the idea of maybe sharing some of my thought processes when writing a novel. I’m also considering maybe putting out a few chapters of my new story, just to see what people say about it. Writing is a very personal experience for everyone, I think, so my methods may not be the best for everyone, but it can’t hurt to share how I do it.

So, yes, a whole lot more content is in the making! First up is my review of Metroid: Zero Mission, which will probably be posted on my blog tomorrow!

I hope you’re all planning to have a great week!

Happy Monday!


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