Monday Musings, Week 44, 2021

November is here! Yesterday we observed Samhain at home and we performed a ritual to let go of everything we don’t want to bring with us into the new year. Letting go is a pretty important part of who I have become, seeing myself as a somewhat modern stoic. Being human also means that sometimes letting go of particular personal traits, or fears can be pretty hard, but by really paying attention to them, it can become easier to let go.

Monday Musings (44)

The year is coming to and end, what have we achieved?

As this year comes to a close, these last two months are the perfect time to reflect on everything we have done, all the things we wish to let go of and to start making plans for the next year. I’ve always got so much ideas running through my head that I really need to focus on a few good ones that I can really sink my teeth into. The most important thing is loving what you do, whether it’s in your spare time, or your job, and that’s what your focus should be on.

Yesterday, I wrote down two things I want to let go off: The fear of not being able to find a suitable publisher for my novel ‘Stempels’ and, you never would have guessed it; procrastination. I even have a T-shirt stating that I’m a pro*. It’s one of my most hated traits and I get side-tracked during every day so often and then hate myself for not fully making us of all the time I had and subsequently wasted on Reddit, YouTube, or other stupid stuff. So that’s something I really want to let go of and learn how to prevent it. I think noticing it is the start, so I’ll try to be more vigilant from now on.

Pro Procrastinator

This year and next year’s plan

This year was odd, in the sense that we were still heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and that we moved to Hilversum. This means that I regret to see that some of my plans for this year didn’t quite make the cut, but with two months still left, I will have time to start some new project, write a whole slew of blogs about stuff I like to write about and hopefully finish this year with a strong plan for what I want to achieve next year. One thing I definitely want to do is continue my journey on Kevar Prime with my upcoming Kevar novels, set in my Ley Lines universe. They’re going to be pretty gritty stories and I am eager to see what all of that will bring me.

I am also playing with an idea for a non-fiction book about my personal lifestyle and philosophy. I already have the title for it and everything, but I need to fine tune the structure and then see how far I’ll be able to carry the idea into something fun to read that will also bring people some insights, ideas and maybe even a little wisdom. Definitely something that fits with some of my mindset blogs that I post here.

Anyway, as usual, I digress. Later this week I plan on writing a couple more blogs about various subjects and one of them will definitely be about the “letting go” mindset. I’ve got some rough ideas and I know this is a subject everyone struggles with. I’m also going to write a review about WarioWare: Get It Together. And probably a book review 🙂

Happy Monday!


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