Monday Musings, Week 42, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to another instalment of Monday Musings with yours truly! I’ve been a bit busy lately, but also found I needed to take some time for myself, which is why I wasn’t posting as much as I would have liked to.


I’ve been trying to find a publisher for my finished novel ‘Stempels’, but so far I haven’t had the best of luck. Although it has to be added here that I didn’t try my hardest yet. Instead, I’m focussing on finding a suitable publisher and making sure that everything they could possibly want is already there. Bren and I are going to see to it that the book gets published, no matter what. The road towards it just isn’t as easy as I might have hoped. Seeing as it is not like anything I’ve written thus far, it’s a totally different game to get it published.

Going through my old LEGO sets

I finally took the time to bring all of my old LEGO stuff upstairs and finished putting together one set thus far. As soon as I complete a set I’ll put it up for sale. Of course, I could keep all of these old nostalgia inducing sets, but they’re really not something I no longer wish to display, so it’s probably best to sell them to other collectors.


Other stuff that’s been keeping me busy

As I said, there’s been a lot that’s been keeping me busy. We’ve been seeing a lot of friends and family who wished to see our new home, so most weekends were quite filled with appointments. I’ve also quit playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes which had a more profound impact on my life than I had imagined. I’m thinking about writing something about video game addiction as well, because that game really got the best of me for four years and I’m really glad I quit cold turkey, but what I’m really glad about is that I never spent any ridiculous amounts of money on it. There’s a reason why you should steer clear of mobile gaming and knowing your red flags can help avoid those types of toxic games.

Monday Musings (42)

I’ve also been revisiting my original ideas for the Kevar books and I’m considering whether I should continue writing them in English, or Dutch, or both. Ultimately both would be the best, but I need to check a few viable options for publication. These scifi stories will focus on four young Kevar and their elusive mentor. Each of the books will focus on one of these lovely characters and their journey to change Kevar history once and for all. Of course there will be some room for tie-ins with my existing trilogy set in the same Ley Lines universe. I am really looking forward to digging into these stories and characters, and I hope my readers will too!

My reading time has also increased lately and I’m well on my way to finish my reading challenge ahead of time. And as you know, I’m doing a lot of (retro) gaming as well. I intend to do something with that as well, by writing more retro reviews, but also doing some deep dives in series I love and how I got into them!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

Happy Monday!


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