Monday Musings, Week 18, 2021

It’s the first Monday of May! Tomorrow is May the 4th, or Star Wars Day! That means we’ll be getting some awesome new Star Wars stuff in, like the first 70 minute pilot of The Bad Batch, along with a whole slew of other new content! I’m really excited to see what tomorrow will bring. We did however order the latest LEGO version of everyone’s favourite droid; R2-D2! This set will be such an awesome addition to our collection. We already own BB-8, the Porg and D-O, so R2-D2 will feel right at home with his little friends!


It’s a very big year for Lucasfilm, with its 50th anniversary! I’m excited to see what else they have in store for us this year. A new Indiana Jones movie is coming as well and who knows what else.

Bloody Friday

But, let’s backtrack to last week. Friday to be exact. We had to bring the car in for the yearly check-up and maintenance. When my dad gave me a ride back home there was a plumber in our house. Apparently our downstairs neighbour had complained about leakage in the kitchen, coming from the ceiling. After an hour of searching he finally found the cause. A leaking pipe in our kitchen! The problem was that we hadn’t noticed this earlier because our floor was already damaged earlier when our old laundry machine broke down. In other words, last Friday caused a lot of damage, both to our kitchen floor and financially. Cars can be quite expensive to own. I’m sincerely hoping that we’ll be compensated for the lack of maintenance by our landlords.

Monday Musings

This is what the leakage behind the fridge looked like once we moved everything out of its place… 😦

Life goes on, and so does my writing

Friday may have been a bad day for us, but we compensated the rest of the weekend, luckily. We had a pretty good weekend actually, all things considered. It’s never good to let anything material ruin the mood, I think. Things can be replaced, after all. I was working on my manuscript yesterday afternoon and after this week I’ll have a week off my office job. I’ll probably focus on going through my manuscript then as well, so I can finally start looking for a publisher! 🙂

Monday Musings (18)

I’ve also got a few new blog ideas I’m working on. Including a May the Fourth celebration post tomorrow, to inform you guys of all things Star Wars, as it is my favourite fandom! I hope you all have a great week!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, May the 4th Star Wars Day sounds exciting. And no wonder you are excited having ordered the latest LEGO version of R2-D2!!! Sorry to hear about that leaking pipe in your kitchen, damaging your kitchen floor plus the expense! The photo looks nasty but you said that came partly from the old laundry machine. damage. Sounds like the manuscript is coming along & with your upcoming week off to complete it you will be shopping for a publisher before you know it!!! And more to come on your blog tomorrow with a May 4 celebration post on Star Wars!!! –Busy Jeffrey for sure!!! Phil

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