Monday Musings, Week 5, 2021

As I’m writing this, it’s February 1st, 2021! That means we have officially survived January! Whoohoo, pat yourself on the back! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I always love it when February comes, because it means we’re getting nearer to spring!

So, one month into 2021, how has it been for me? Well personally, I’ve done quite a few things when it comes to writing. I am nearing the completion of my first Dutch novel ‘Stempels’. With only one chapter and perhaps a epilogue to go, I’m well under way to finishing this very personal project.


On the health side, things could be a little bit better, but I started intermittent fasting. Bren is doing it too and so far I’m liking it. You can still eat what you want (within reason, of course) during a certain time window and I don’t eat outside of that. I already lost some weight, but what I really need to start doing again is exercise. We are walking when the weather is good enough, but that’s not a lot this past week.

I think it’s high time that I start doing more long-term to-do lists too, because I keep forgetting to do important things that really need some time, but the daily business kind of floods what I should be doing as well. Chores around the house, finding a new house and scouting the market for one. Those are things that just keep being pushed forward almost imperceptibly, until I’m reminded of them. I think I’m going to turn Febuary into a month of finishing a lot of those chores, or at least putting some energy into them, if they turn out to be bigger projects than I anticipated. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, that’s it for today! I might share some insights into how I make my to-do lists (and mainly how to keep them manageable, later this week! Hope you all have a good one!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, Trying to keep up with you. “Stempels” is nearing completion as your first Dutch novel. I call it fictional autobiographical from what you have recently said about it. Fasting! I figured out immediately that it must be related to losing weight & not “purging” your system. –Bren too! My preaching on weight loss is that it’s all about input & output, like you said, exercise but also watching the food intake. Absolutely no snacking. Only three meals. And no second helpings, especially on the starches like noodles or potatoes. Finally, I have always been big on my long-term to-do lists. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about “insights into how I make my to-do lists (and mainly how to keep them manageable…). I just write out a long list & then plug the items into my hardcopy calendar book, spread apart appropriately, & make adjustments in the calendar & list as I go along. I LOVE crossing off the things on my list with a vengeance as I accomplish them!!! Good luck, Jeffrey, with all you are about as always!!!!!!!!!! Phil

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