Closing the Year 2020

We’re always part of history, whether we like it or not, but this year it feels like we’ve all been part of something big. The Corona pandemic was and still is affecting everything on a global scale and has shown us just how fragile our globalized society really is. We’ve seen the beautiful side of Humanity, but also a very ugly side. On the one hand we have a lot to thank to science for bringing us a vaccine so quickly, on the other hand we see the dark side of the information era with people even denying the existence of COVID-19. I think there’s a lot we can learn from this whole experience and I sincerely hope this pandemic has served as a wake up call for us all. A sign that we cannot go on living like we do, but that change is needed if we want to save ourselves, and our fragile planet.

The last two weeks of this year I spend on a break from work, reflecting on what has happened this year, checking the goals I set for myself and whether or not I’ve actually met any of them, and of course, looking forward to what I’m hoping to achieve next year. So let’s have a look, shall we?

Looking back

Each year for the past five years I’ve been setting yearly goals for myself. Goals that have a lot to do with my writing and blogging, but also some more personal stuff. This year was different, especially because I had some personal troubles to deal with, but in the end I did get out of all of it a lot stronger, more determined than ever about what it is I want in my life, but more importantly, what I don’t want. I think this is an often neglected part of what makes us happy. People have a tendency to think about all the things they want and once they actually achieve, or get that certain something, they don’t achieve the happiness they were hoping for. If there’s something I learned over the past few years it’s all about appreciating what you do have, rather than having that constant need to get something. It’s much better to be in the here and now, than thinking too much about the future, or dwelling on the past.

Looking back at my goals for 2020, I see now that I’ve been way too ambitious with what I wanted and what was reasonable, but there are some things in there that are easily achievable. For instance, one of my goals was to write daily blogs on this blog. I already found out in January how hard it is to come up with something every single day, so quite impossible. Of course, there are also going to be days when you are simply not able to write, or when you need some rest. However, one of my other goals was to write 500 words daily on one of my projects and I found that 500 words is really easy, so that’s a keeper for next year. 🙂 Keeping a journal all year long also proved to be easy, taking only a couple of minutes every day at the start and end of every day to write down some of my thoughts and the things I’m grateful for in my life. My daily morning meditation routine has also become second nature to me.


I’ve also managed to find a new job, shortly after losing my old one. That’s really saying something in these trying times and I realize just how lucky I am to be in such a position, with so many people losing their jobs this year. After three months of working mostly at home, I can really tell I’m in a much better place now than I was when the year started. Also, trying to find a modus operandi when dealing with the Corona pandemic and having to deal with the fact that I’m mostly at home, Bren and I really found a way of doing it, while still allowing each other space and time for ourselves. Some relationships seem to suffer from all of this, but I think that is mostly because something was already wrong from the get go and the pandemic only magnified those problems for those people. I’m glad we’re on the other side of that medal. 😉

Looking forward

Everybody seems confident that 2021 will be a better year and while I want to agree to that sentiment, I don’t think it’ll be the year where COVID-19 magically disappears. First of all, it will take a long time before everyone has been given the chance to get themselves vaccinated and then there’s the issue of the virus mutating as well. The first half of 2021 we’ll most probably still be tied to our homes. I think that if people will accept that as a fact, they won’t be as disappointed.

For me, personally, 2021 will be a very special year. I’ll turn 40, which is an age that I usually associated with becoming really old. Of course, it’s always how you feel and I know many people wouldn’t give me that age judging by my looks, but it’s still a weird realization that I’ll be 40 in March. There won’t be a big party this year, I fear, so I guess I’ll just have to see if things are better when I turn 50 and give a big party then, haha.


I’ve also nearly finished my first Dutch novel “Stempels” and it’s going to be an adventure to find a publisher for it. Although I feel confident that I will find one that fits. Besides that I’ve got two other big projects I’ll be working on; the first Kevar novel, and my collaboration with Sebastiaan Koen, both stories set in the Ley Lines universe, but in entirely different timelines. I’m really looking forward to revisiting old and familiar places and exploring new ones, of course!

One of our biggest hopes for 2021 is that we can move to a new house. Although we love our apartment the neighbourhood leaves a lot to be desired and having so much neighbours is also a reason that we’d love to move away from here and into a regular house. We’re not certain yet of all the details, but what we are sure of is that we want to have a garden. Bren loves gardening and growing our own herbs and veggies, so that’s one of our most important must haves for this place we want to move to.

I think 2021 will be another year filled with lots of creativity. I plan on reading a lot and writing blogs a little bit more regularly than I have done this year. The Monday Musings are definitely here to stay and just a way for me to start the week, updating you on what’s going on and having a positive outlook on the week. If there’s something that’s changed it’s how I look at Mondays lately. They’re no longer the start of a torturous work week, but rather a brand new start for me to achieve stuff and kick ass.

Best wishes for 2021!

I’d like to close by posting this meme I post every year:

Make it so 2021

I wish all of you the best for 2021 and hope that it’ll be a better year than this one has been for us all. I also hope that you did have a good year, despite the Corona outbreak. These are trying times for us all, but only together we can make it through. So stay safe, wear your mask and keep your distance! Things will get better, one way or another!



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  1. Jeffrey, A super post for “Closing the Year 2020”!!! Your reflections & conclusions on the COVID pandemic are noteworthy/important & worthy of our consideration!!! Looking at your goals for 2020, I especially noted your emphasis on appreciating what we have rather than getting something & living in the “here & now” & not in the past or future. And then “Looking Back” on 2020 as too ambitious, I only found your daily blog too difficult to keep up. All the rest, you managed very well! “Looking Forward” for 2021, once again your cautions that COVID will dominate the first half of the year until vaccines have an impact was an important caveat to us all! And on your personal side, certainly 40 is always a milestone in everyone’s life. –Plus two major thrusts to write the first Kevar novel & that novel to be co-written with Seabastiaan Koen!!! And that goal of moving to a new home with Bren is “major-major”!!! Finally, your creative hopes for 2021 are so admirable, reading a lot, blogging more regularly. And writing your “Monday Musings” more regularly sounds great with its positive outlook to start each week looking forward to “to achieve stuff & kick ass!” –This was a great way for you to end the year! And since you are not 40 yet until March, you will have the first three months still in your youthful 30’s to get a jump on your 2021 goals!!! HA!!!! You will be fine through your 40’s. Now your 50’s, that’s something else! Talk to me in ten years! Just as a preview, once you turn 50 you start putting things down while you work around the house, tools in particular, & then you can’t find where you put them! And then there are ladders! You climb them just as fine, but then you start to fall off them!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!! Happy New Year to you & Bren! Phil

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