Putting Things on Hold

Now that I’m spending some time at home, trying to figure things out, I’ve been having a lot of time to think about what I really want. One of those things is, what do I really feel like writing? I’ve been working a long time on my fantasy novel and I’ve been running into a wall of sorts where I do still love the characters and the overal story, but I just can’t get myself to finish it for some reason. The story is nearing the end, but every time I work on it, I find myself thinking that I really need to finish it, so I can work on a new project.


The reason why I’m thinking of putting The Great Fudgewhizzle on hold for a little bit, is mostly because I think my time would be better spent writing a story that I just can’t get out of my head. It’s far from the scifi and fantasy I wrote, but it’s all about coming to terms with life’s hardships and the realization that we all want to leave a mark on the world before we go. I think now is the right time to write this novel, because it’s something very close to my heart at this stage.

Also, Bren has been sharing a lot of what’s been going on in our lives on our blog The Book Dragon’s Nook. I really feel that perhaps we could really help people who are suffering from depression, or who live with someone who is suffering from them. Or people who have or know someone with bipolar disorder. I think writing about that kind of stuff could help people, especially if we try to keep it as simple as possible. With tips and helpful advice, but also to give people some insights. Those are ideas we are constantly working on and Bren’s blogs about this subject have been read by a lot of people.

So, a lot of ideas, and finally making a decision, because I want something. Forcing myself to finish the fantasy story just didn’t feel right anymore. I will get back to it one day, but that will be another time 😉

Happy writing!


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  1. Jeffrey, Give yourself the time that you did not have. These are your thoughts right now. You never know when your thoughts & juices for “The Great Fudgewhizzle” will start to flow! –Don’t pass them by! Run for that pad & pen!!! When you say a story about, “it’s all about coming to terms with life’s hardships and the realization that we all want to leave a mark on the world before we go,” I wonder if you are talking autobiographical or a fiction novel based on your life experiences. And then would you & Bren include the subject & her story & dealing with Bipolar depression in this same book or a separate book? I took all your comments to mean all in one autobiographical book about your life together & not a novel. –To be continued. You are certainly on your way with thoughts that have been evolving I am sure. Phil

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    • It’s going to be two separate books in total. One will be all about “leaving your mark”, while the other will be more of an autobiographical book about our life and dealing with bipolar disorder 🙂

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