FAQ #4: Friday Asks Questions

It’s time for another Friday Asks Questions! It’s been a while since I did this, because I had so much other things to write about, but here we are again! 🙂

Today’s question:

If you could snap your fingers and complete a personal goal instantly, what goal would it be? What small step could you take to work on completing that goal now?

I have to admit, I’ve been struggling to finish my fantasy story, because life has been a bit busy lately. I have my office job, two blogs to write content for, and spend time with Bren, family and friends. I’m a busy, busy bee… 😛 So if I could, I wish I could have the story finished. I have been working on it again lately, but it has been a bit slow, with me accepting that I shouldn’t rush the story and that writing for two blogs is already quite a lot. 🙂

I have reserved some time a couple of times a week now to work on the story and finish it. One thing I know is it won’t be as many chapters as I had predicted earlier, but it’ll still be a fun story and I can’t wait to finish it, so it can be published!

So, what would your answer be? 🙂 Please let me know in the comments!

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey, Naturally, if I could snap my fingers & have something done, it would be the entire “to do list” on the new townhouse re fix/repair/replace. So each day we don’t have an appointment or something, I work on or knock off something on the list. I am really getting there…the big items being to call in a plumber & complete a number of tasks. I look to this year 2020 with the help of my handyman Luis to address most things. A few are long term to decide in future years. As to your goals & daily/weekly schedule, it is very ambitious, to say the least! I had the mistaken impression you had built in 500 words of writing a day…..& that would be easy compared to your NaNoWriMo output!!! Writing you novel seems so worthwhile as not to shortchange yourself & diminish it’s length & chapters, though that may be an outgrowth of the story development & not a shortage of time I am sure. Suggestion: Perhaps you should evaluate the time you give to writing your blog(s) & to what purpose if the readership is low. I realize the blogs do not take up much time & you do so for self-satisfaction. –They ARE very good! But you are so right that your novel writing deserves dedicated blocks of time. After-all, are you not a novelist first & foremost???!!! –At least to me you are! Phil


    • Hey Phil, I can imagine that you’d want to finish the house already! You guys have had so much setbacks so far!

      You didn’t have a mistaken impression when I said that I wanted to write 500 words on my story. But life sometimes gets in the way and there have been some bumps in the road so far, this year, which caused me to reconsider my ambitious goals! I am now merely just focussing on what I really enjoy doing and writing something on my blog daily is something I do enjoy. Even though I may not have a thousands readers on my blog. It’s mainly something I am doing for myself and hoping that people will see it and think my ramblings are useful. 🙂 I do agree that I should act like a novelist first & foremost, which is why I did make a few changes to how I spend my time in a more meaningful way 🙂 ~Jeffrey

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