Monday Musings #4; In between the Lines

Life is filled with ups and downs and this counts more so for people who suffer from chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental disorders. I recently finished another book on the subject of bipolar disorder. It’s a subject that has become of importance to me, because my girlfriend Bren is suffering from this terrible disease. I’ve learned a lot about bipolar disorder from talking to her and reading books on the subject. The latest addition to our collection of books is this one:


Bren gifted me this book, with the intention we both read it and see if we can gain any new insights to better deal with her disorder. The book has been given very good reviews overall on Goodreads, so we think this book might be a big help.

I did already write an article with tips on how to help someone in a depression on my blog some time ago. I intend to expand on that blog soon.

I’m currently reading: “A Guide to the Good Life, the Ancient Art of Stoic Joy” and I’ve already taken a lot of notes. I’ve decided that I want to take whatever information I can from non-fiction reads and distil the insights I gained on my blog, so you can expect a lot more philosophical blogs and articles with tips regarding dealing with depression and bipolar disorder in the future! 🙂 They’re perhaps not the most easy subjects to write about, but they are important to me and even if only one person feels heard, or can find strength and help from my writing, then that’ll be enough for me.

Life gives us plenty of chance to learn new things, especially if we read between the lines, don’t let them go to waste 🙂

Happy Monday!


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