FAQ #1 (Friday Asks Questions)

Hi and welcome to a new kind of message on my blog! Friday Asks Questions 🙂 I thought I’d do something new and ask myself a question. These questions are from some books I have lying around and most of them definitely aren’t easy to answer! Feel free to join in and answer the question in the comments! I’m curious what your answers will be.

Friday Asks Questions

Today’s question is:

If you look at your life now, with all your daily habits, what do you think your life will look like five years from now? What kind of person will you be? Will you be any different from who you are now?

Well, the last years I’ve been working on myself quite hard, developing a morning routine that works for me, reading and writing a lot! Five years from now I figure I’ll have finished two, or maybe three new books, which will hopefully get printed and be well received. I do have great ambitions when it comes to writing, so by then I hope that I’ve made a bit of a name for myself. I don’t think I’ll be entirely different as a person.

If all goes well Bren and I should have a new house for ourselves then and I hope we’ll be living there, both in good health, surrounded by the things we love most; friends, family, books and cats! I hope I’ll have managed to adopt a healthier lifestyle and found a good work/living balance.


So, what do you think? It’s quite hard thinking how life will be five years from now! Especially since so much can change in a year, or even less time! I’ll be reading this blog again in five years and see how much of this came true 🙂

Happy reading!



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  1. Jeffrey, Your Friday question format is neat!!! Life five years from now for you; two-three more books for under your belt as an author & a full-life filling in around a house of your own with Bren surrounded by family & friends, the things you love most especially books & cats! The answer to this question as with many of your recent topics depends on/reflects a person’s age. When you raise topics I related them to myself but I spare you my reactions!!! –Good format today! Note: Your last post on “Embrace Your Inner Geek” had no place for comment at the bottom. It as great; embrace your personal interests while meeting your responsibilities in life. Phil

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