One step at a time.

My last non-fiction read was a book called “Kaizen” by Sarah Harvey. Bren is planning on reading the book too, so we can do a duo review. The book has been keeping me busy, however and much of what was in that book is worth it to apply in your real life.

Kaizen is a Japanese method of gradually improving things, by cutting up larger projects into smaller steps. The philosophy here being that it is much easier to complete smaller steps than to try and attempt to tackle a big task or project all at once. The book is full of handy tips on how to do this, but then I did find out that I do a lot of this already in my life.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor one small step

The easiest example of this is writing a book. I can’t just sit down and write an entire story from start to finish in one go. It takes a lot of planning and plotting. There are writers out there who can, but not me. Especially not with an office job that’s keeping me busy 36 hours a week.

Typically my books have been around 100K words and that is impossible to do all at once, but right now I’m writing 500 words a day (or more) on my latest project. That might not seem like much, but 500 words a day means you’ll write about 15.000 words a month! See how it all adds up? Do you have any projects that just seem to be daunting to begin with, even though you’re anxious to start? Try chopping them up in manageable chunks and soon you’ll be doing the thing! And if you’re confident enough, you could even try doing more. After about 66 days it’ll then turn into a habit, at which point it’ll have became part of your daily routine! Just make sure you try to free up time to do the thing and do it consistently every day! There’s a bunch of tools for that, which I’ll get into on a later blog!


Writing 500 words is really just pressing a bunch of buttons a whole lot of times! 😛

Happy writing!



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  1. Jeffrey, I like how Kaizen works for your writing style,”by cutting up larger projects into smaller steps.” It reminds me of an old timer principal when given a seemingly impossible task by the superintendent of all the schools. We other principals would scream & throw up our hands. But he would say, “Let’s just pretend.” And he would get us to just pretend to try to do the task. And before we knew it, we were done & had completed the job! Fascinating right now 500 words a day works for you. –It sure adds up! Believe it or not, about 10 years ago I was one of 12 “Opinion Shapers” for our local county newspaper. We rotated as guest commentators with 800 word columns on any topic of our choice. I did 3 or 4 columns that year. As a one shot effort, I found 800 words to be easy, even confining, having to edit the column down. It will be interesting to read about the tools you use to be free up time to write every day! Phil

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    • 800 words can be quite confining indeed for a column! I’ve found that writing down 500 words is easy, without putting any pressure and if I haven’t finished a particular scene, or if I’m in a good writing flow, I’ll just continue until I’m done. But the minimum of 500 is something I can keep up and costs my maybe 15-30 minutes, depending on how much I have to think about writing out a particular scene. Or if I suddenly need a new character name! That tends to be a real flow stopper too, haha!

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