Unboxing: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awkening — Nintendo Switch

Link’s Awakening is a game I have a lot of very fond memories of, so when I heard Nintendo was going to remaster it for Nintendo Switch I just knew I had to have it. And when I heard they were going to do a Limited Edition, I hunted down every web shop I know until I finally managed to get my hands on a copy. I’m glad I was able to get it at the regular price, because I already saw scalpers selling it for a lot more than its retail value.

So, let’s have a look at what’s inside the box, shall we? 🙂


The box itself looks very nice with beautiful artwork of Koholint Island, with the Wind Fish Egg and the seagulls circling the island.


Once you pull off the lid, you’ll see two game boxes. One is the regular game box, featuring the very cute art style for this remake. We see Link on Koholint Island. The other box is the exclusive steel case, which is designed as a good old Game Boy, with the start screen of Link’s Awakening. The inside of the lid features artwork of the Wind Fish in a tribal art style.


A closer look at the game boxes. Aren’t they beautiful? I can’t say I really like the big age labels on the bottom of the regular game box, especially the USK one takes up quite a lot of space.



I am so in love with the steel case! It really brings back memories of playing this game on my Game Boy when I was on holiday. Link’s Awakening is still one of my top Game Boy games. If you want to know all of them, please visit the column I wrote about it when the Game Boy was having its 30th anniversary!


Besides the steel case and regular game box, the biggest collector’s item in this box is the artbook, featuring 120 pages of full-colour goodness! I really love the front cover and the new icon for the game. The book smells super nice too, so that’s another big bonus for all you book sniffers 😉


Such great artwork! I really love it! And this artbook is one I’ll definitely pick up every now and then to flip through and look at some beautiful images.


Of course the most important item is still left! The game cartridge! I’ve already put in quite some hours of playing the game, so my review is coming tomorrow. I thought I’d combine the unboxing and review over the course of this weekend 🙂

I hope you liked this unboxing! The contents of this Limited Edition are a bit less extensive than the one for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but still it’s Zelda and I just couldn’t buy the regular version, haha.

Happy gaming!


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