Unboxing: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Limited Edition

Last Friday was the release of the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series from Nintendo; Fire Emblem: Three Houses! I’ve been a fan ever since they released the first game outside of Japan, this game was simply named Fire Emblem and was released on the Game Boy Advance. I loved that game to bits and have played most of them, with the exception of those launched on the GameCube and Wii.

Fire Emblem: Awakening was a game that really made an impact for the series, making it much more mainstream than it was before and introducing new mechanics that made the gameplay much deeper than it already was. It was quite a hassle to get my hands on the Limited Edition for FE:TH, but I’m really glad I managed to get it, because it’s simply awesome! Let me show you why 🙂


The game comes in a beautiful box with some amazing artwork. We see an angel, a white dragon and several black dragons and several people in white robes on the ground.


After opening the box, you’ll see two different parts you can slide out. One contains the steelcase, featuring the same artwork as the box, and the original game case. The game card was inside the original packaging.

The other half contains two smaller boxes and was quite heavy, because the art book was also inside!


A closer look at the game’s case and the steelcase. I love both artworks, although I did find it a bit strange that Claude from Golden Deer House is just slapped onto the cover upside down 😛 I definitely love the steelcase artwork a whole lot more!


Next up is a box with some lovely pins! Each pin features the emblem of each of the three houses ; Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer. The pins are a nice addition to my growing pins collection, which already features some from Fire Emblem: Echoes! 🙂


This key chain featuring the Fire Emblem: Three Houses logo contains a memory stick with the “sound selection” as Nintendo likes to call it. It’s basically the soundtrack from the game. 😉 The music is as lovely as ever, so I’m sure I’ll be putting on some of these tunes during my writing sessions!


Last, but definitely not least is this awesome art book! I do love me some concept art and this book delivers! It’s crammed full of sketches, concept art and notes from the game designers! A great addition to my collection of concept art books! 🙂


And here it is, the complete contents of the box! Definitely one of Nintendo’s best Limited Editions I have seen thus far!

The game has been great so far as well. I really like the new characters and the gameplay seems to be even deeper and richer than the previous entries. Seeing as you’re now a professor and you have to teach your class of students, the game feels different from previous entries. The fights also have added mechanisms, like battalions, which adds a new layer to the tactics. I hope I’ll be able to give you guys a decent review soon, but seeing as this is a game that will take hours to complete, I probably won’t have finished the entire game when I post a review, but enough to know if the game is any good (spoiler alert: It is) 😉

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing post!

Happy gaming!


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