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  1. Jeffrey, I so identify with the waste of precious time Facebook takes from us. I learned from your advice above. 1. I hesitate to say I am leaving but rather just scale back as I have. 2. I never had a FB app & don’t even have an iPhone! 3. I have always looked at FB only once a day. But I have tried to scale back from an hour to a half hour a day. 4. When someone clogs up my news feed I already use your technique of unfriending them. Sometimes I tell them what I am doing to “unclog” my news feed of their posts & later after many weeks try to “Friend” them again. They cooperate & “Friend” me back. If all fails, I do the process again. 5. I find that the less I use FB & interact less, the less activity I have to address on FB. –More time for more important things! My compliments to be the only person I know talking about trying to scale back your FB life. I am sure there are other people & those quitting FB. But you are articulating the problem & shedding some light upon it!!! Phil

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    • I’m glad you admit that you’re experiencing similar problems! Quitting altogether is quite hard, but last weekend I was with my family and hadn’t checked Facebook for three days. When I came online on my laptop I checked my notifications and reacted to some posts, but that was it. Maybe it took me half an hour or so. A big difference in time spent from what I usually did. I can now use that time more productively! -Jeffrey

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