Road to Redemption, part IV

In last time’s Road to Redemption, I told you about the editing process, and about my publisher Celtica Publishing. This week I finally heard that the release of The Xoron Redemption will take place in the third week of March!

A bump in the road?

Last Sunday I got a phone call from my publisher, Rianne Lampers. She told me that despite her best efforts Caroline Kerstens wasn’t able to finish work on my manuscript due to personal reasons. Although I was saddened by this news, both as a person and a writer, who was eager to have the same editor, she also told me that she had already found a replacement. The editing for my manuscript will now be done by Caroline Mackie. I have high hopes about her work, but I did have some concerns regarding the editing, which I voiced. Still, I am confident that the manuscript is in capable hands.

Pre-release fun

Since The Xoron Redemption is going to be the last part in the series, I also want to end things with a big bang. There’s so much you have to consider when planning a release for your book. I am still considering a book release party, although the release of the book will coincide with Dutch Comic Con, during the weekend of 23 March. I still have to plan a blogtour, and my girlfriend and I are busy creating bookish goodies to give people who buy the book, or the entire trilogy at Comic Con, or place a pre-order. There’s a whole lot going on in the background! 🙂


What kind of bookish goodies will we be creating? 🙂

What exactly these bookish goodies will be will remain a secret for now, but they’re going to be awesome, that’s for sure!

Pre-order now!

It is now possible to place your pre-order for a signed copy of The Xoron Redemption at Celtica’s Webshop. If you want a signed copy, please leave a comment that you wish to receive the book signed when you order! Please click on the image below to visit Celtica’s Webshop!

Pre-Order now Xoron Redemption.jpg

Next time on “Road to Redemption” I’ll be telling you more about the upcoming blog tour, release date, and Dutch Comic Con, where you can meet me and pick up a signed copy of all my books! 🙂

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey, Quite a glitch with a new manuscript editor at the last moment here!!!!!!!!!! I am sure Rianne has you in good hands & all will work out!!!!! Your promotion preplanning with Bren sounds energized & exciting!!!!!!!! Best wishes on that!!!!!!!! I see we can pre-order Book III but I see this is based on Euro……I better wait until I am settled in my new place this summer to purchase your book. All the bes to you, Jeffrey!!! Phil


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