Review: Ahsoka – E.K. Johnston

Ahsoka (Star Wars)Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I started watching Clone Wars I didn’t really like Ahsoka that much at the start of the series, but as the series continued she really started to grow on me and when the series ended she was one of my favourite Star Wars characters. She was also one of the more tragic characters.

Once Clone Wars was finished I watched Rebels too and was glad to see Ahsoka still alive and kicking, but we didn’t really know what happened in between the Clone Wars and Rebels. This book aims to tell how she became part of the rebellion and how she would eventually turn into Fulcrum.

E.K. Jonhston’s writing style is very pleasant and reads very smoothly. When you pick up this book you’ll finish it in no time. What I didn’t like so much about this book, however, was that the start was quite long winded. After about a hundred pages all that happened was Ahsoka moving around and trying to make a living in hiding from the Empire. It wasn’t until I passed through those pages that the story finally gained some momentum and became what I hoped it would be, an awesome, action-packed story with plenty of intrigue.

What I absolutely loved about this book were the segments in between the story that were printed in cursive. They were small segments packed with tons of background information about all kinds of characters, including Obi-Wan Kenobi. Some even contained some revelations to clear up what happens between the Clone Wars and the age of the Empire.

Despite the slow start, I loved this book and would recommend it to everyone who loves Clone Wars, and in particular Ahsoka, of course! I rate this book a well deserved four stars!

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  1. Jeffrey, Your review of E.K. Jonhston’s “Ahsoka” is so well done! I wish one of us could justice to your books like this!!! Maybe…unprecedented?….someday THREE reviews of YOUR OWN BOOKS by YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that may be something that has NEVER been done before!!! As crazy as it sounds, it would be quite an exercise in striving for objectivity by the author which I know is impossible. –One of my wild ideas…I have many!…..usually new ideas for a new business or service….My sons call me “the idea man.” And I tell them my best idea is never to follow up on my ideas! I DID once & went to a patent attorney for $88 American with my idea…..& after hearing his advice decided to drop the idea!!! Phil


    • Dear Philip, I think I might do something regarding my own series someday. Perhaps a retrospective? Where I reflect upon what I have learned when it comes to writing, getting your book published, etc? 🙂

      It’s never a bad thing to have many ideas. My thoughts on this are that for every ten bad ideas you might have, one is probably very good. I always try to pitch my ideas to others too, if I think they are good. That’s how most of writing came to be in the first place!

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