Reading and To-Read: January Update

Last year I exceeded my original reading challenge of eighteen books on Goodreads and changed it to twenty, which I also managed to do. Over the past years reading has finally become one of my favourite pastimes again and this year I’ve challenged myself to read twenty books. I’m of course hoping to exceed this again!

First read complete!

I originally started reading The Art of People as my first book of this year, but to start the book you had to do several tests and assignments, so I thought it would be better to spread this book out a little. Instead I chose to start reading Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but my rating is a solid four stars!

to read

My current read and the next four!

Currently reading: The Art of People

Yea, so I decided to read this book without doing all the assignments and just hoped it would give my some insights. I’m over halfway now and don’t understand truly why I had to do two separate tests (one of which was an online only test). All of the tips and tricks in this book all seem pretty obvious to me. On the one hand this has given me the hope that if I would ever write a self-help book I’d be as likely to succeed in writing it as Dave Kerpen has. I’m very prone to giving this book a bad rating, but I want to continue reading it to make a proper assessment.

The read ahead

After I finish The Art of People I will continue in one of these four books:

Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert

This is the fifth book in the Dune series and I’m eager to continue after having read the previous four. I’ve heard people complain that the series gets worse and worse with every book, but I don’t agree with them so far. Especially God Emperor of Dune was a wonderful read in my experience.

Yes! by Daniel Bryan

This might seem like an odd choice for me. I admit that I love WWE. I know it’s fake, but that’s one of the things I like about it. WWE is over the top and I love the personas and their scripted quarrels. This book is an autobiography, a genre I’ve started enjoying ever since I picked up Phil Collin’s autobiography Not Dead Yet. I’m planning on reading more of these books and Daniel Bryan’s story seems interesting. It must be a strange life, being a professional show wrestler. It intrigues me.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe by Steven Novella

This one was on my wishlist and my girlfriend gave it to me as a random gift. It’s a bit of a thick volume, but I love non-fiction reads. This one is from the website I followed them on Facebook and then saw an ad about the book, so I added it to my wishlist on Goodreads. It’s scientific and I love science, so I’m expecting a good read!

Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy

Another non-fiction/self-help book. This one came as a recommendation on Goodreads, based on what I had read before in the non-fiction section. It’s about productivity and how you should do the hardest thing first. I’m hoping this book will help me with my procrastination problem. Something a lot of writers face every day. 😉

What to read, what to read?

So, which book do you think I should pick up from these four after finishing The Art of People? Please let me know in the sections comment!

Happy reading!


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