Monday Musings, Week 10, 2023

Hello everyone! January and February flew by and here I am, looking at the calendar and noticing that the first week of March has nearly passed, too! I’ve been so busy with The Green Dream, that I just didn’t take the time to blog, but we’re in slightly calmer waters now and I’ve been doing a ton of “reading”, or I should say, listening to audiobooks, as that was the only proper way for me to get some new insights, given my lack of time and long workdays.

Monday Musings #10 2023

I just noticed my last post was quite some time ago and while I could go into a whole lot of detail on what’s been going on in my life, it all boils down to a lot of hard work to make our Green Dream work! I’ve been learning lots and lots about accounting and running a business. There really is quite an information overload that comes with running a business, but so far I think Bren and I are managing just fine, each of us taking care of the thing we excel at, me being in a supportive and administrative role so she can focus on doing the actual hard work, for which I have to give her full credit. It’s so amazing to see how much is already achieved after two months of running this business!

New blogs coming up!

One thing I’ve thoroughly missed is writing in general, but also writing blogs, specifically. I’ve been gathering so much new insights that I am just dying to share with everyone and that’s something I plan to do this coming time, starting with blogs about success and purpose, because I feel those are two subjects that will really help put things in perspective for basically everyone. We tend to overcomplicate our lives and feeling like we don’t really have much freedom of choice, because there are bills to pay and other obligations that gnaw at our time, causing us to lose focus and ultimately even causing us to give up on our dreams, when we really shouldn’t.

Some reading recommendations

In the introduction of this blog I spoke of audiobooks and I really wanted to share a couple that I’ve been listening to, that I highly recommend to give a try. I love listening to audiobooks during my daily commute and while I’m in the gym, doing my thing. It’s like the ultimate combination of exercising both the body and the mind, by absorbing new knowledge and getting new insights that really changed the way I’ve been looking at a couple of things in life.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

I went into this one with zero expectations, mostly because I had no clue who Naval Ravikant is and I doubt many people outside of those who are well read about Silicon Valley will know him either. This audiobook is a collection of his wisdoms on both Wealth and Happiness. I found some of the sections of this book to be extremely helpful and insightful. Of course, one has to take into account that this book and most of the things Ravikant say come from someone who can do whatever he wants because of all his accumulated wealth and I still don’t believe this is possible for everyone, despite firmly believing in strong wills and the lengths through which people can go to achieve their biggest goals. The awesome thing is, the whole book is available for free:

The Ten Pillars of Success — Dr. Josephine Perry

Granted, if you listen to this audiobook, it’s much more like listening to a podcast. The audio quality is all over the place, but the essence is really good. Dr. Josephine Perry interviews ten successful people by asking them how they became successful. One thing one learns immediately from this book is that success is subjective as hell. Everyone has their own measure of success, but at the same time, all ten of the interviewed people have achieved their success through one of the ten pillars of success mentioned in the book. Overall it’s not a simple “follow these ten pillars and you’ll be successful”, rather each of the pillars is a different approach to success and utilizing one, or a combination of several could also help you achieve your goals and dreams. The insights were quite good from this one, although it has to be said that the audio quality sometimes left a lot to be desired, I really recommend giving this one a good listen!

Tune in soon for more!

I can’t wait to share some of the insights I’ve gathered from these books and the other experiences I’ve had this year. This quick update on my life has hopefully given you some inspiration for reading material!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, You & Bren have really been absorbed with The Green Dream, you on the business end & Bren, as you said, doing the hard work. I look forward to your future blogs on success & purpose. The two books you recommend no doubt will contribute much to what you say in these upcoming blogs. Your use of audiobooks commuting & while in the gym is smart multi-tasking! Look forward to your next Monday Musing! Hi to Bren from Geri & me! Phil

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    • Hey Phil! It was great to write a blog here again, and many more will follow. I’m planning to translate them for our Green Dream Blog, seeing as my main focus is on productivity, writing, philosophy and mindfulness blogs! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Bren says hi to you guys too! ~Jeffrey

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