Monday Musings, Week 21, 2022

Things are back to normal here in the Netherlands, with rainy weather and the typical Monday business I’m used to at work. Thankfully, this is a short work week and the weekend starts on Wednesday evening this week! Which means I’ll have plenty of time to focus on my other work: Writing and blogging! Last week I skipped my Monday Musings, because I didn’t have that much to report, but today, I do. So let’s dive right into things!

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On Writing

These past weeks I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my Kevar novels. One of my main things was that I really wanted to get into this story and thought putting some ideas on paper for a change would shake things up a bit. It did! I have character summaries for all the main characters, next up will be the supporting characters and of course, the outline of the story. One of the most important things is knowing where you want to end a story and then slowly work towards that. I’m definitely going to take my time, because I want these stories to be awesome and an homage to our cats. Later this week I’m going to post a little glimpse into my methods and hope you’ll enjoy reading about them!

On Reading

I’ve nearly finished the audiobook of Disrupting the Game  by Reggie Fils-Aimé. It’s been a fun listen, although I have a few sidenotes. My review for this book will be up on my blog later this week. I love learning as much as I can about the videogame industry and Reggie’s history at Nintendo of America is rich and he played a pivotal role in the growth of Nintendo worldwide, which has not been an easy achievement. Hearing about the struggles and challenges from him was definitely a high note of the book.

Disrupting the game

I’m also slowly going through Vos and I , the Dutch version. It’s an interesting read, but I’m still a bit on the fence about whether I’m really liking the book. But seeing as it’s not bad and intrigues me enough, I’m willing to continue my read and see it through to the end.

On Gaming

Yesterday I finally managed to finish Axiom Verge, which means a review is coming from the Breach soon!


I’ve also started playing Mario Golf and am ready to start a new adventure. I’ve also played a fair bit of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, so I’m expecting to write a review for that wonderful game as well.

Upcoming blogs

As you can read, there’s quite a few things I’m going to write about. Reviews mostly, but there will definitely be more mindfulness and writing related content coming soon! Seeing as we’re going to have a long weekend, I should have some spare time to write, so that’s always a great thing!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Jeffrey, Good update on your writing, reading & gaming!!! I especially enjoyed reading about your progress on your Kevar novels writing notes on main character summaries. Carry on! Enjoy the long weekend. Phil

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