Monday Musings, Week 10, 2022

We’re well into March and one of the things that reminded me that spring is just around the corner is the fact that when I go outside early in the morning to head off to the gym is that dawn is already starting and I can hear the birds twitter in the neighbourhood already. And when it’s such sunny weather as it has been for the past week here, it’s hard to come to the realization that elsewhere in Europe war is raging and the people of Ukraine are being invaded.

Concentration troubles and picking up where I left

Ever since the unprovoked invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the conflict there, and a possible world war looming over us has been keeping us all busy. It’s one of the first times we can “live stream” a war and all of its horrors and I found myself trapped in a constant need to check the news and the developments over there, because this feels so close to home (and in all honesty, it is). But at the end of the week I finally had the realization how exhausting it is to keep up-to-date every hour and I’ve decided to check on the conflict twice a day, as to not overstimulate myself too much and last weekend I finally managed to get some real writing done, which was a welcome change to the days before. I’ll repost the short story I wrote for our blog The Green Dream here later this week as well 🙂

Monday Musings (10)

Time for some goal evaluation and looking forward

This week is a good time as any to look at the current state of my annual goals and how well I’m faring so far. I feel like I’m doing quite well so far, but when it comes to actual novel writing, I haven’t made much progress. That doesn’t mean I haven’t brainstormed, or plotted a little, but I don’t have anything concrete to show for my work just yet and it’s starting to annoy me. The latter is a good thing, by the way, because when things start getting on my nerves it’s usually a sign that I’ll start working on it soon 😉

I’m starting to notice the benefits of going to the gym often

I’d like to finish this Monday Musings on a positive note. Last year on October I started going to the gym again and although I had a one month forced hiatus I picked up soon after and I’m now going every weekday. I can really tell that I’m starting to feel the benefits of going so often and my physical condition has improved quite a bit so far. I’ve lost a little bit of weight too and last weekend Bren told me she was starting to notice it too when she hugged me, so that left me with a great feeling. I’m glad that I can maintain my schedule and keep up. Ever since the start of this year I’ve started listening to audiobooks while working out and that’s given my “reading” a boost as well. So I’m not just getting in shape, I’m also learning something, because I listen to non-fiction audiobooks. I can really recommend everyone to try it at least sometime, because it feels like you’re spending your time twice as good. You’re not just working on your physical health, but also your mental health! Win-win!

Upcoming blogs

This week I’m planning to repost my short story I did for The Green Dream here, but I’ll also do a goal evaluation, which I’ll share with you guys and there’s some other ideas that I hope to come around to. The thing is that I need to find the energy for all of these things, but I feel good today and I hope you do too!

Happy Monday!


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