Getting Ready For Another Day

It’s 7:15 when my alarm clock goes off. Some days it feels as if I’ve only slept for a couple of hours, but today it seems pretty okay. Yesterday was a particularly bad day overall, but we managed to pull through and somehow find the strength to get up. Never do I snooze, so I turn off the alarm as fast as Humanly possible. Then, I leave the bed, making sure that I don’t wake up my girlfriend. She always stays in bed just a little longer, except when it’s the weekend, then we both like to sleep in. Sadly it’s just another Wednesday, but at least the work week is almost halfway through.

After brushing my teeth and going to the toilet I enter the living room. Three cats are staring at me from the floor. They’re all hungry and are eagerly awaiting their servant. I pat all of them as I move towards the curtains and open them. It’s halfway through February and around this time you can see the sun rise. Which is always nice when it coincides with your morning routine. Bobbie and Storm have tactically positioned themselves to be the first to eat, in case I should I fill their bowls early. I tell them to be patient. I tried meditating after I gave them food and if there’s one thing that will really disturb your meditation session it’s the sound of cats eating and drinking.

The meditation session lasts about ten minutes and after I finish it, I open my eyes and feel as if I have woken up for the second time today, but in a much more pleasant way. Now I feel that I’m a little bit more ready to face whatever it is that this day will throw at me. I stand up from the couch and move towards my desk where my diary is already waiting. Next to it is my favourite writing pen. A silver ballpoint from Cross. As I sit down, I open my 6 minute diary and fill in the morning part. What am I thankful for today? How can I make today a great day? And what is my affirmation? After some consideration I fill them out. That part of my ritual is done.

Because yesterday was a particularly bad day, I decide to recite Marcus Aurelius’s mantra in hopes it will help me.

Marcus Aurelius Quote

Somehow I do find solace in these words of wisdom. Marcus is my homeboy now. We have a mutual understanding and aren’t a big fan of other people. He knew it all those centuries ago. I know it now. People, what a bunch of bastards.

Now it’s time for my shower. I turn on the water. My back is sore and I turn up the heat to soothe the ache a little. I visualise how every negative bit of thought washes down the drain with the rest of the water. This helps a little, yet my thoughts keep dwelling on what had transpired yesterday. I vow not to let others bother me to the point where I get emotional. My inner stoic cheers at me: “Go for it, buddy! You can do it! Whoohoo!”

When I finally leave the shower, I pick a shirt for today. This one says “Existence is Pain” with a screaming face on it. It’s Mr. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty. Seems fitting for my current mood. I will be wearing a sweater over it, so no one else can see today. This will be my little secret, something I can silently laugh about when I talk to them. After I put on the rest of my clothing, I kiss Bren, who has just entered her waking stages.

During breakfast the cats know their feeding time is imminent. Blix and Storm do a bid for my charity when I put some salami on my bread and pour myself some milk, but for them it’ll be plain old Royal Canin cat food. This is a moment I always like, right after taking a shower and finally having some food. Just watching the traffic from the window, seeing how it all seems so small and trivial that we rush to work at the same time. I hope that I’ll be able to not participate in that madness any more sometime soon.

Slow mornings

I do some reading in the book I’m currently reading in the last fifteen minutes before I have to go. Then move to the kitchen to get rid of the dishes and head out. I feel that I’m now prepared to go out, that I can face the world once again. This is how I typically start my weekdays and this feels so much better than when I was younger and I would snooze and rush off to work in half an hour. It really is about starting your day properly, by taking some time for yourself, so you can handle whatever is coming your way during the day.

“It’ll be a better day today”, I say to myself as I close the door and head into the madness.




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  1. Jeffrey, Your morning routine was a great read of interest to me! Reactions: If you are up at 7:15 desiring to be equal to deal with the bastards of the world like yesterday, what time do you go to bed? As a middle school history teacher, I found I needed 8 hours sleep. It was the difference between dealing with an undisciplined student by grabbing him by the back of the neck & taking him to the hallway to tongue lash him, but with 8 hours of sleep I would just smile at the unruly student & move on teaching & he would stop the bad behavior on his own!!! –Great, the meditation & 6 minute diary! Reciting Marcus Aurelius’ mantra is like my Serenity Prayer of sorts. And letting the “bad” from yesterday go down the shower drain with the water is a super technique!!! What about nutrition? Salami for breakfast???? Super morning with the sunrise & interacting/caring for the cats. Oh, 15 minutes to read…how great…even time to clean up dishes before you leave for work. Love the shirt message hidden under you sweater…..Maybe consider it as ammunition…..if the day goes bad again, take the sweater off!!! And so good you kiss Bren when she reaches awakening…..maybe a goodbye later too before you exit for work? EXCELLENT! We know you better now! Maybe substitute “complete ablutions” for, “After brushing my teeth and going to the toilet …” HA! Great musing for today!!! Phil

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    • Hi Phil! I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 I usually go to bed around 23:30. If I get 7 hours of sleep that is usually enough for me. I used to go with 6, but that really isn’t enough. A good night’s rest can make all the difference when starting your day. I also learned it’s good not to dwell too much on how well you slept, if it was bad, because that will only make it worse, somehow.

      Also, thank you for your tip for the substitution! 🙂


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  2. Well said. Yes, I generally feel taking some time in the morning helps to start your day off right. I get up at 6.30am these days and leave the house at about 7.20am, so I have enough time to have breakfast, put on some makeup and read something. I’m big on sleeping though. I don’t function well without 7 to 8 hours. Just read in a reply you used to go with 6. I don’t know how you used to cope! Also, so great that you use meditation. I don’t have a daily routine for it, but use it when the stress is getting to me. It’s wildly useful Ive found

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    • I found that daily meditation helps me to clear my mind of anxiety and stress a little. And that can really help to face the upcoming day, with all its stress and conflict with people 😉 Glad to hear you’re taking your time too! I know too many people who just rush from bed to work. It’s not very healthy and those people will eventually get burned out much faster! ~Jeffrey


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