FAQ #2 (Friday Asks Questions)

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Friday Asks Questions! A recurring blog article where I ask myself an open question and share the answer with you! 🙂 Of course, I’d love it if you joined me in answering the question, because I love seeing your answers!

Today’s questions is:

If you could choose two persons (past and present) to be your mentor/teacher, who would you choose and why?

After long consideration, I think that I’d choose a scientist and a philosopher, because I love both and I think these two could teach me a lot! So, who do I choose?

Stephen Hawking

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor stephen hawking

I have several of his books and read all of them, with the exception of his last. There’s no denying how brilliant a mind the late Stephen Hawking had and I think he could really help me understand our Universe better. I have to admit that I am still struggling to wrap my mind around a lot of his theories, but at the same time I’m also intrigued by them and wish I could have a greater understanding of quantum physics, among other subjects.


A line drawing of Epictetus writing at a table with a crutch draped across his lap and shoulder

I love the stoic school of philosophy and although Epictetus might not be the founder of this school of thought, he was of major importance to it and the Enchiridion is a handbook he wrote, a guide to life. One other thing to mention is that Epictetus was born as a slave, so his life was filled with hardship. I think he would make a good conversational partner, someone to use as a moral compass, perhaps.

So, what do you think? Solid choices? 😉 I’m curious to find out which you’ll choose!

Happy reading!


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  1. Jeffrey, Excellent choices & rationale for choosing Stephen Hawking & Epictetus! I had to read up on Epictetus, previously unknown to me from my liberal arts education. Offhand, I would select Socrates, predating Epictetus by 500 years BC (c. 428-348 BC), considered “the father of western philosophy.” And my other choice would be Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971), “an American Reformed theologian, ethicist, commentator on politics and public affairs, and professor at Union Theological Seminary.” –He was also the author of the complete “Serenity Prayer,” my all-time favorite prayer & guide. I enjoyed immensely your “2nd edition of Friday Asks Questions”!!! Maybe “Question Friday” might be an apropos name for this or some other moniker. FUN!!! Phil

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