Review: LEGO® 41179 Queen Dragon’s Rescue

This set was a birthday gift for Bren. She absolutely loves the LEGO Elves series and this set was one that was quite hard to get, since it was one of the first they released. This did mean that the price was a bit steep from the re-seller I bought it from, but hey, at least we got our hands on it and she was so happy we got our hands on it!


The contents of this box are seven bags worth of bricks, the Queen Dragon’s head and the instruction booklets, a sticker leaflet and the wings of the Queen Dragon, which are made of thin plastic. More on that later! 😉


As always, our cat Bobbie was eager to help us with this set. She has a thing for dragons and droids it would seem 🙂 It’s always nice when she joins us to help out! The first bags contain everything needed for the castle part of the set.


After finishing the first bag, this was the end result. It also contained two of the set’s minifigures.


After the second bag the tree is added and the basis for the tower is also made.


And here’s a funny little mouse that’s living down here in the cell. A very funny little creature! There’s even a piece of cheese down there, yum!


And the finished tower! Now I don’t know too much about crossbow wielding foxes, but the one on top of this tower looks like he knows his business, although it does seem he is only mildly interested in shooting.


The castle part of this build was quite fun and all of the little details are great. It feels like you could add this piece to different part of castles and towers in the series quite easily too, which is great, of course! 🙂


We didn’t get this set for the castle, of course. The main “dish” of building this set is all about the Queen Dragon herself! The biggest buildable dragon in the series, as far as I know. The first bag contains all the bricks you need to build the torso of the creature.


The second bag contains the hind legs of the mighty Queen. So far, it’s still not really looking like a dragon, though, haha.


Now this is starting to look more like it! She looks kinda friendly without the wings and tail even!


And there she is! The queen in full glory! I have to admit that I don’t really like the way the wings were done, but I can see how many bricks it would have taken to do them properly, so this is a good solution. She really looks impressive with her wings folded open!

Overall we really had a lot of fun building this set. The tower and lava part is very nice to go along with the rest of the villain castles and towers and the Queen Dragon herself is an impressive creature! Definitely a set we’re proud to own! She has been given a wonderful spot in our home 🙂

Overall score: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Pricing: 🌟🌟🌟

Building fun: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Displayability: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Leg godt, play well!

—Jeffrey & Bren

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  1. Jeffrey, You spared no expense for Bren locating this Lego kit!!! — From tower to castle to Queen Dragon to even a mouse with cheese & more!!!!! Your Lego collection will be as daunting to display as my collection of 156 German beer steins, college mugs, & pewter tankards! Phil


    • Hi Philip! It is indeed becoming a greater challenge to display all of our sets, so we might have to move at some point to a bigger house, hahaha. But we really do love collecting these lovely sets and displaying them. We’ve started collecting a new series too, called “Hidden Side”, which are 8 spooky and supernatural sets 🙂 Just in time for Halloween!

      I didn’t know you were a collector too! So nice to know you have a beer stein collection! You must enjoy beers too, then? 🙂

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  2. Jeffrey, Spoken as a true collector!!!….Move but keep on collecting! I DO enjoy a good, heavy lager as my preference. I am not a regular beer drinker as in “often,” but I make sure it’s a good beer when I do. !966, Rutgers University Glee Club vs. University of Utrecht beer drinking contest! Rutgers won! I was on a concert tour of the Netherlands & Europe for a month with our all male a capella singing chorus, the Rutgers U. Glee Club. Back to collectables….Geri collects Carnival Glass fancy dishes & UK Dalton Ladies. I still have my library of books, now downsized since our move. I have a 7,000+ modest stamp album. And there is an American singer of American standard songs by the name of Michael Feinstein & I have ALL of his many CDs. –There is more such as a collection of music boxes but that’s about it I think! Phil

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